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Summer Outfit

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

The hot weather and harmful UVA and UVB rays can cause unwanted bleaching of your hair and may dry it out. Your color may turn dull or brassy while you're catching those glorious sunbeams. The salty air at the shore, and if you’re a mermaid like me, the saltwater is drying. Whenever I get out of the water, my hair feels like that seaweed that is brown and looks like dead twigs …you know what I’m talking about. And don’t even get me started on the chlorine from the pool. Aside from it being a blonde’s worst nightmare by turning their hair green, it also sucks the moister right out of your hair. Don’t worry; we have ways to combat dry, brittle summer hair.

1. Wear a hat.

I know it sounds so obvious but wearing protection on your head not only protects your hair and any exposed skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also makes

you look super fashionable! If you are someone who has highlights or any blonde in your hair, this is a good way to battle the brass. Sure, violet shampoos and conditioners are great, but why not go the extra mile to prevent your icy tendrils from yellowing?

2. Use a hair mask

When you think about putting on a luxurious mask for your skin, you think about being pampered and relaxing at a fabulous day-spa. Well, why should your face be the only thing that gets pampered? Pamper our hair! It’s so much fun to put on a fluffy bath robe, apply a product to your hair, clip it up and read a juicy book. Create a spa-like experience while you moisturize your weather-beaten hair. Here is my own recipe for a deep repair mask:

· 1 egg – whipped

· ½ - avocado, ripe (whole avocado if you have long hair)

· 2 tablespoons – melted coconut oil (add more according to hair length)

3. Condition your hair before you go to the beach or pool.

Being proactive about protecting your hair is better than damaging your hair and then needing to repair it. Applying a thick conditioner to your hair, protects it from the harsh chemicals in the pool and the salt in the ocean. It’s like putting a jacket on your hair. Make sure you bring extra with you so you can reapply, just as you would reapply sunscreen to your body.

We all want soft, healthy, and shiny hair, but the summer months can be brutal on our supple locks. Try these three methods of repairing and preventing the damage and let us know how they worked for you! Comment below or email us at Thanks for reading!

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