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Falling for Fall Hair: 5 Hair Trends You Won't Want to Miss this Fall Season

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

As a hairstylist, the fall season is the most exciting. There's back to school, homecoming dances, and color on top of color on top of color! All those clients who went bleach blonde for summer, now want to tone down their golden locks for more foliage hued hair. Dramatic changes usually occur this time of the year because if a cut goes awry, you have all of winter to grow it out. This autumn is proving to be an interesting time for hair trends

Hair Trend No.1

The Chunky Headband

I'm a 90's baby myself, so I am no stranger to oversized headbands. My mom was obsessed with bows that nearly covered my entire head. If you have been paying any attention to pop-culture lately you might have noticed the enormous bands adorning the heads of celebrities across the internet. I have been binge watching "The Home Edit" on Netflix just like every other person on the planet and I absolutely adore Joanna's headbands.

Every time I watch an episode of "The Home Edit", I am super jealous of how cute Joanna's hair looks with one of these. So I did some digging trying to find these for myself because of course I'm going to buy one for every outfit. So, here's what I found:

This one is from a really cute Etsy shop called lexxacollection. If you like bling, this headband is for you! Their main focus is microfiber hair towels, but they also carry cute hair accessories like this one.

I love velvet and these are calling my name. I might have ordered one in every color :). These are from another Etsy shop called PurpleBoutiqueUS. They carry a menagerie of beautiful hair accessories. How great is Etsy? I love purchasing from small businesses!

Hair Trend No.2

The Bold Face Frame:

I'm calling this trend "The Bold Face Frame". Its usually a bright, chunky highlight that goes right around the face. It can be as subtle as an ashy blonde color or as bold as pink and orange, like the one below.

This is so interesting and fun! Like fall hair trend No.1, it gives me a serious sense of nostalgia. I was such a huge Spice Girls fan and Ginger Spice with her fire engine red hair and thick, white-blonde face frame gave me life! So I am so here for this trend.

Photo from

On a blonde, it is so complimentary to the dimension in the rest of the color. How Beautiful is that? If this hair trend doesn't make you want to 'zig-a-zig-ahh', then I don't know what will!

Fall Hair Trend No.3

The Messy Ponytail

We have all scrolled through our favorite online boutique looking at photo after photo of cute model with the messy ponytail and thought 'How do I get my hair to look like that?' It's cute, it's sassy and it is HARD to accomplish! Who knew how much effort is put into making something look like you didn't put in any effort at all?

Photo from Shanny

It really looks like she just threw her two-day-old hair into a ponytail and walked out the door. In reality, it probably took her (or her stylist) at least half and hour to create this look. If you really don't want to spend the time, you can just grab an Pony-O hair tie...We've all seen the commercials.

Photo from Alexis Boley

I mean come on! Whenever I do a messy ponytail it takes forevvvver to look this good! Props to whoever created this look!

Fall Trend No.4

The Shag

That's right all you 70's babies, the shag has made it's retro-return. If you haven't seen this photo that has gone viral, you're missing out!

Photo and hair by Rachel Williams

You're welcome! I mean how gorgeous is this? The request for shag cuts are soaring and we have Rachel Williams to thank for making this a thing again! This cut is flattering on pretty much anyone. it create height in the crown though, so if you have an oblong-shaped face, you might want to make sure your stylist keeps the layers long. Long layers will keep the hair weighed down and prevent any extra height, making you face appear more elongated. The exaggerated fringe will also help reduce the appearance of a tall face.

It's so beautiful on curly hair too! I love this beachy look with the curtain fringe. So chic!

Fall Hair Trend No.5

Orange is the New Black

No, I don't mean the t.v series. But, seriously orange hair is everywhere right now!

Photo from Rebecca

Ginger hair, don't care! This is stunning. Who said funky hair colors couldn't look natural? This is amazing and fun and it gives me all the Halloween feels! This look is probably not as easy as it looks. You need to lift first to at lease a level 7 or 8. Having that underlying warmth in there is ok, but it might not be as vibrant if you don't get the hair lifted high enough to achieve the desired look.

Photo from Joico

With Joico Color Intensity, you can have or create orange hair this spooky season for your clients. Have fun with it and tag us on Instagram @ciaobellasalonandspa

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