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The White-Out Trend

At every age our hair is so important to us. We often hear the expression “my hair is my security blanket”. I think we have all been in the position where a bad haircut made us cry. Hair is a part of our identity and it is one of the first things a person sees when we meet them. First impressions are supposed to be everything, so it only makes sense that we are sensitive about our appearance. When you feel like you look your best, you tend to be so much more confident. As we age, hair maintenance becomes harder and more frequent. Hair loses its pigment, making it more coarse than usual and touch-ups are needed more often. 

Source: OMG hair transformations by Jack Martin

In more recent years, women have been embracing their silver and white locks. In salons across the world, stylists are whiting out their client's hair, taking their salt and pepper roots from grown out to grown down. This past year Sharon Osborne’s hair stylist Jack Martin took her signature deep eggplant hair to snow white. This caused a huge surge in white-out requests. However, it is not so easy to go from artificially colored hair to colorless, platinum hair. The process is lengthy and can get expensive, especially if your artificial color is dark. It involves a ton of lightener, often multiple processes, toner and a rebonding product like Olaplex. It’s very stylish and chic but be prepared to pay. 

Grey hair that has lost its melanin (pigment) naturally, is usually rougher and coarser than hair that contains melanin. By why does hair lose pigment in the first place? "Gray hair grows when hydrogen peroxide builds up in your hair follicle. "This causes hair to bleach itself from the inside out," says Debra Jaliman, MD, a dermatologist in New York and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology.(Herman-Axel, Paige. Style Solutions: When Your Hair Texture Changes. 26 October 2013. WebMD. Once you have enough gray hair, it is harder to maintain because of its wiry texture. The best way to combat this is with the right hair care products. Ciao Bella Salon and Spa has an array of products to choose from for all of your hair care needs. Click here to shop.

by: Domenica Pillo

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